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You want to see the only silent market in the world? Head to Chrysan, lad. The entire place is run by lunatics who value the silence more than the coin it brings them. Does make for interesting conversation, though...
- Dora Mati, Ship Captain   Crysan is a small fishing village built on the southern coast of the Crystal Expanse, overlooking the Northern Ocean. Nothing more than a smattering of houses atop a sea-side cliff with a well-troden road leading to a small harbour, this is still the largest concentration of people in the Crystal Expanse.   The houses are all small and made of tar-treated pine-wood, but decorated with simply-painted floral designs - remnants of ancestral memory of a time before these people lived in a flowerless landscape.


The leaders of this small community are the Counsel of Elders, a group of three to five of the most experienced residents of the village. They discuss and vote on the most important matters, doing their best to solve any issues that arise to threaten the peace of Crysan.   Candidates for becoming an elder are chosen by the existing elders and then voted on by the village residents.


Although this is only a small sea-side village, it is still between two of the most hostile places on Eonan, from which it must protect itself. The cliff on which Crysan is built acts as a natural defence from any form of attack from the Northern Ocean, whether it be from people, or from the forces of nature. Meanwhile, a wooden fence bolstered with stone acts as a barrier against anything that may attack from the Expanse, and helps prevent the perpetually moving ice dunes from swallowing the village. This is helped by frequent digs to uncover the wall and hold back the snow.

Industry & Trade

The main source of income for most of the populus is fishing. Rare arctic fish are considered a delacacy elsewhere in the world, and the few merchants that know how to cross the Northern Ocean risk the journey and trade the fish for just about anything else the residents require.   Some people work as lumberjacks, but that involves a long trek to the forests at the base of the mountains and thus is only carried out when absolutely necessary. For example, when a new house or stretch of wall is required.


The greatest feat of this small village is the building of the harbour. Initially made of wood, it has been steadily converted to stone thanks to the few people in the community willing to make the trek to the mountains to quarry the stone.   There is no electricity here, with light being provided by the sun during the day and flame during the night. They do have a basic sewer system, which uses gravity to move their sewage through pipes under the ground further along the coast to the east and out to sea. Fresh water is manufactured in bulk by melting ice and snow.


The buildings in this small community are very simplistic. A quarried stone foundation and lower walls, with pine wood walls and rooves treated with tar against the damp. Most buildings have large windows on their southern side in order to catch as much of the sun as possible, with large, insulated shutters that can be closed on them to keep out the cold during the night. To make them appear more homely and pleasant, homes and other buildings are often decorated with painted flowers in reds and blues; an attempt to replace the flowers that cannot grow in this environment.


The village of Crysan is built on top of a coastal cliff, with a look out point at the very top. As the cliff loses height to the east, the village follows it, with a backbone of a road that leads to a small harbour that juts out into the ocean.
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