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Purple Candle

A Purple Candle is a common protection implement through out the capital county Ubos. There the sweet and spicy smell of a Purple Candle is the signature mark of sanctuary and capable of keeping the horrible monsters of the Omyhx Thicket at bay, thus preventing certain doom for all but the most well prepared and most capable.   The name 'Purple Candle' actually referes to the colour of the flame, as it shines in a looming purple.


A Purple Candle is a ward against the creatures of the Omyhx Thicket, especially Placeholders. They are used to protect settelments and roads by deterring various dangerous creatuers from entering thier sphere of influence. The Use of Purple Candles is vital to the survival of smaller less defensable settelments and the safety of travelers., because without them the creatures would roam freely.
Access & Availability
Despite being nessacary to make the land near the Omyhx Thicket safely habitable, and widely spread in those area's, Purple Candles are not easy to get by for the average person. This is mostly due to thier price, which is so high because the limited availablity of herbs used to produce the warding effect. The people are imensely grateful that thier Emperor maintaints nearly all Purple Candles in the whole Nefadric Empire from the Imperial Coffers.
In essence a Purple Candle is a sencented candle with a particular blend of herbs.   The warding effect is obtained by adding an oil to the wax of the candle, made from exotic herbs, which is the largest challange of the manufacturing progress: the correct alchemical preperation of the herbs, as a low quality blend will lead to headaches and skin irritations, in the worst case the blend can become toxic enough to cause lethal inflamation of resperatory systems ultimatily leading to asphxiation.

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