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Gravity Barges

Galleon style ships with no sails. A rope stretched taut across a slanted sea. A winch turned by powerful sailors, dragging the ship between either end of the miles-long cord. Weather mages watch the sky, wary for storms stirred up by clashing gravities. Where once it was nigh impossible for the races of humanity to cross the junction between their branches and the trunk of the World Tree, now people and ideas can move with near perfect freedom from anywhere to anywhere.


Gravity barges are used to cross the junctions between the branches and trunk of Vasahldey where the clashing gravities create strange and unpredictable environments that are difficult to cross. Some are attempting to create pirate versions of these ships, but have been unsuccessful. The most egregious misuse of gravity barges have been to transport armies, smuggle valuable materials or people, and allow escape for wealthy criminals. Very few background checks are done when accepting passengers, if you have the money, you can hitch a ride.
Aina Aerlong
Access & Availability
Access to the barges is open to anyone who can pay the passenger fee. Each of the six civilized branches have at least one gravity barge and pair of ports to receive them at their branch-tree junctions.
The barges were developed by the faej engineer and weather mage, Aina Aerlong. As a weather mage, she had long held a fascination with the junction of her home branch, Shrygta. All could see that the trunk and other branches existed, but they could not reach them. Aina longed to see lands beyond her own and discovered that certain calm channels cut through the gravity storms. Using shipwrights and a team of weather mages, she made the first crossing with the first Trailblazer, a gravity barge designed to make the first, most dangerous voyage between branch and trunk. At the end of the long and arduous voyage, Aina was the first humanoid in ages to set foot on the trunk of Vasahldey, the World Tree.

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