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Potions Making

Potion Making is a delicate and dangerous craft that requires great skill and knowledge unless you want things to go very wrong.


There are many different types of potions that are used in many different ways such as Healing potions, Energy Potions, Sleeping Potions and the list goes on. The only thing they cant cure is death.   There have been misuses in the past that have resulted in large number of deaths from badly made healing potions to an mind clearing potion that wiped someone's memories completely.


The process of making potions requires precise measurements of ingredients which must have been kept in the appropriate conditions prior to use. They must be introduced in the exact order that the instructions say to. And must be mixed, heated and then bottled up in quick succession otherwise the potion could be spoiled. They must also make sure that they are preserved correctly.
The inventor of this was the founder of House Salvar, Gwendolyn Salvar
Access & Availability
It is available for those who can afford it at the Cathair Market. Which is most people except those who cannot travel there or are the rare few who cannot afford it.
It takes great skill to make potions as well as a great knowledge of herbs and plants that go into making them. Any small mistake could cause serious consequences such as the potion having the reverse effect or becoming extremely toxic.
It was discovered during the early days of medical practice in Cathair but not much is known on how as the recorded history on that time is vague.

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