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Living Crystals

Living Crystals are a form of crystal previously only valued for their looks but today, they are the most valuable things known to Men and Hhrar. Through rituals, a person can imbue the crystal with elemental properties to make a "battery" which will release the imbued energy on command. There are three types of these imbued crystals: fire, frost and electric.   Fire crystals glow with a red hue, are warm to the touch and explode if shattered. Frost crystals are pale white in comparison, ice cold to the touch and if shattered, they freeze everything around them. Electric crystals have several properties not yet understood by crystalsmiths, but it is known that they can shoot lightning if the user is trained well enough.   The main buyers of living crystals are armies and the wealthy elite. The main importers of living crystals are the nordic Hhrars, the city of Karakor and the Mandate.


Frost and electric crystals are rather exotic and rarely used outside of combat. Firecrystals however, have a great many number of uses including bombs, firearms, firestarters, city lights, hot air balloons and heating. Altough it is important to note that these technologies are not too widespread due to costs involved.


The art and science of living crystals is practiced by the Order of Crystalsmiths, an international guild that trains new crystalsmiths, produces and sells the crystals and also experiements with it's powers.
Access & Availability
Living Crystals are abundant in mines throughout the known world. Vast amounts lie in the mountains of the Mandate, the Covenant and the Diodese Empire.
Working living crystals into usable "batteries" of elemental power is a complex and arcane science and takes many decades to perfect. However, using the finished product is no harder than using a hammer. The exception is the electric crystal, which requires a greater deal of concentration and training, but no more than what learning the bow would require.
Circa three generations ago, during an expedition into a tomb, scrolls were found detailing rituals involving a common crystal found throughout the known world. While the language of the script is still not understood, the rich detail in pictography still allowed archeologists to make sense of it.

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