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Sundust is one of the forms of magic used in This world. There different ways to use and control it, as well as different forms that it can be found in. It’s base physical description is that it I should a form of very fine dust. Other forms include darkdust, starmist, and greymist. There are 4 ways of controlling it, mental, kinetic, vocal, and totem. A 5th method, if it may be called that, involves the ancient tongues and the words of those, but very few remember them. skilled users can create almost anything with a large enough quantity, including vehicles, golems, ghosts, animals, and beings. Some clouds even have personalities, and can move on their own with their own will. These beings are called shapeshifters.


If its use can be imagined, then it can be used in that way, at least when it comes to physical uses. Armor, weapons, tools, machines, creatures, ghosts, necromancy, telekinesis, matter manipulation, even synthetic realities.
The only known originator of this technology is a figure shrouded in myth and legend. In various different creation myths found around the world, the creation of sundust is attributed to the urran, before the actual creation of the world itself. The other three varieties also ave a similar origin.
Access & Availability
While highly prolific, sundust is very hard to isolate in useable quantities. Only skilled welders are able to harvest it in large quantities, with base knowledge of certain phrases and possession of some quantity in order to procure more.
Unknown, and no knowledge exists of how to recreate it, not even among aldar. Only dust can come from dust, and only dust can make more dust.
Time immemorial, the creation of the world. Various groups in this world exist that train and try to create new methods of use for sundust, but it seems that they are all unsuccessful.

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