"The tormenta roared their thundrous sounds, shattering the very air, and the walls of the city were rent asunder before their heavy payload, leaving the black city of Yoruk broken open for the onslaught." ~Describing the Siege of Yoruk by the fleet of the Borealan Rhumni, The Account of the War of Retribution


Gunpowder is currently used in cannons aboard ships in various naval powers throughout the world.


The ingredients for the powder are first ground together into a fine dust, usually being lightly dampened to reduce the risk of ignition. Eventually, a fine paste is created, which is then corned and left to dry.
One Jonathan Brooks is credited with the invention of the technology, though it is likely he was simply the one to discover its flammable properties. He was a member of the Sudterran team of chemists tasked with developing better treatments for disease, and used to serve in the Sudterran naval forces during one of their many wars against Déhevol. Seeing its properties, he quickly attempted to convince his state of the usefulness of this new compound, but was rejected and dismissed for his lack of focus on medicine. So, he took his recipe for the powder, and went to Déhevol to try his luck. There, he was heard, and the state government began work on finding uses for the powder. This culminated in the development of various anti-personnel devices and the cannon, which were utilized in future wars with Sudterrana.
Access & Availability
The substance and its creation have become widely available in Mëria due to trade and espionage employed by the various state leaderships, but has few uses outside of naval warfare for the time being. Those skilled in making it keep their exact recipes and methods a close secret, so that they may charge more for their services in its production and distribution.
The technology itself is rather simple, but requires advanced metal casting techniques to be utilized at its full potential as a propellant for heavy projectiles.
It is said that it was discovered while chemists were attempting to brew remedies for an outbreak that had begun to ravage the state of Sudterrana.


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