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Elysium is the digital universe humanity now inhabits. From the youngest to the oldest, from the poorest to the richest, everyone of every kind imaginable lives in Elysium. While their physical bodies are cared for and maintained by the Chariot starship, their minds are plugged into the massive computer system that encompasses this digital universe, and they exist as entities of code and polygons, free from the problems and limitations of their frail physical world, and given godlike power over the laws of their computerized world.
The inventors were the first Admins, and their names have been kept a secret so long no one knows them by any other name. It is not even known if any of the original inventors still live or not
Access & Availability
All humans are connected to Elysium before they are even born, and retain that connection briefly after they die. It is a very severe punishment to sever someone's connection to Elysium and force them into a robotic body on the physical starship where they are made to maintain the ship's systems and care for the human bodies that lie in stasis. As such, it is quite rare for someone to not be a denizen of Elysium
Elysium is stored and maintained on a gargantuan collection of the best computers and memory technology humankind has created. The computers housing this digital universe are capable of storing more information than anyone will ever need, preforming hundreds of billions of calculations per nanosecond, and have enough raw computing power to continuously maintain an entire multiverse, and can respond to human society constantly changing it to their whim without so much as a pause.
Elysium was created as a way to pass the centuries while the inhabitants of the starship were frozen in stasis, and quickly became the plane human society existed on because there were no humans that were not connected to Elysium every moment of their lives.

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