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The Veil

The Union has made great leaps in Technological Advancement, creating perfect AI under The Council's control, making transport easy and fast, and controlling the environment and weather with their Spheres. Paper is a thing of the past, all work is done via either computer, hologram, or work droids. But with their control of technology The Council is able to track and control almost everything that The People do, and also they are able to limit everything they learn. They control every screen that The People look at, every sound they hear from a computer, casting The Veil over their ability to think, instilling the mentality of The People in them from a young age. All is for the good of the People. Those who disobey the guidelines are against The People and The Council and will only harm society. The Veil is cast heavily over The People so as to prevent them from questioning The Council and their actions. This is their greatest technology, The Veil that limits the minds and hearts of The People until they are nothing more than The People, The Machine.   Their weapons and weapons systems have advanced in some areas, but not so much in others. Guns much the same as what you have are still used, but also they have gamma cannons, which are either large eight round rifles or small one shot pistols. Enforcement Droids at the Special Education Center are equipped with shock staffs, weapons that can only be safely handled by Enforcement Droids, as the staffs release enough electricity to fully incapacitate any size human.   The Risen use what they can steal, make, or invent in order to survive and fight. Their hackers sometimes manage to take control of Droids that fall into their possession, and so they are able to take advantage of The Council's technology.


The Council use their technology to control and direct The People. The Risen use it to protect and help each other and The People, and to try to dismantle The Council.


All technology is built and maintained in the capital city, Unity, where The Council is based.
The Knowledgeable are those chosen from among the people who are exceptional in the creation and maintenance of the Technology that The Council uses.
Access & Availability
All technology is owned by The Council and all are installed with tracking hardware and software, so as to prevent theft or hacking. The Risen have what they have stolen or made from scraps and recycled trash. The People are given what they need to work, but nothing more.
It varies in complexity, from the AI Security Driods that work with the Safety Officers to work droids that are controlled remotely by people to the simple computer system.
Through the great work of the Knowledgeable, great Technologies were invented that would help The People live efficiently with extremely efficient transportation and living conditions, protect them from harm using AI Patrol Droids, control the environment to make it perfect using The Sphere, and provide them with the perfect lifestyle, from sustenance to education to activity.

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