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Only a crazy man would go sailing away from the shores of the Krisna. We are crazy enough to build ships specifically for that reason.
— The pride of Calacle's sailors
The longboat is the most important creation of the Calacle Island's inhabitants and the reason the town of Ockmery was established in the first place. It can vary in exact proportions and types of wood used, but it can be easily recognised regardless of the details.   The main goal of a longboat was to solve the problem of more shallow boats easily turning over in the rapid flows of the Krisna, and the new design indeed helped the matter. Despite its almost five centuries ago, small shallow boats, almost rafts, are still in use by villagers going alone or in a company of two to catch some fish for dinner. However, all large scale fishing on the island is done in longboats which offer much more space for caught fish and allow to go to the deeper, richer fishing spots. It has also became a main trade ship, though rafting is still pretty popular on the shores of Great Plains.   The typical longboat would allow for up to twelve to twenty people to sail on it, fewer if they want to have more space for fish or cargo. The oars are located on both sides of a longboat, and a tradition says never to have an odd number of oars on the same side. The crew is sitting on the benches close to the sides of the longboat, and the middle is reserved for any fish and cargo.   The vessels used for the trade with and between the countries on the riversides of Krisna are usually bigger in size and much more massive, allowing for a crew of up to thirty or even forty people. The outside of the ship also tends to be reinforced with metal, for the monsters in the river often pay attention to the boats crossing it.
Calacle Island
Geographic Location | Apr 10, 2020

An island in the middle of a deadly river, whose inhabitants are brave and skilled sailors

Building / Landmark | Apr 10, 2020

A very wide and long river flowing past the Great Plains and the Endless Forest

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