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Calacle Island

Calacle is a relatively small, about a thousand square miles, island located in the middle of the Krisna. It was first found by a man named Calf shortly after humans had to cross the Krisna when running away from grey orc tribes. Nowadays, it stands as a major trade port and the only reliable way for the human countries on both sides of the river to trade with each other.   When the remnants of the human race crossed the Krisna and discovered the lands very similar to the Great Plains which they run from, many of them panicked. There was no threat so far, but they were too afraid of the repeat of the same horror, so many of them tried their luck with Krisna once again. Among them was Calf, charismatic fisherman injured in the battle against grey orcs, and some of his friends and relatives, numbering about one hundred people in total.   The rafts that they sailed on were crudely made, and the river was dangerous, crushing them with ease, but by some unimaginable luck most of the rafts ended up on the shores of an island which they called Calf's Miracle Refuge. The island was rocky and with no animals, so humans did not have much to gather and nothing to hunt. Luckily, Calf was a proper fisherman. Despite his injured arm preventing him from fishing, he could still teach the rest of them how to do it.   The small camp they set initially grew into a village, then a town. The land was not very fertile, but it was still something, and there was enough wish in the waters. The population slowly started to grow, and the republic was established where every man and woman had a voting right, and every important decision was voted for. The island's name was then changed to Calacle Refuge, and its inhabitants started to call themselves Calaclians.   Nowadays, the whole island is inhabited, though it still heavily rely on fish as one of its primary sources of food. Sailing in the middle of Krisna is dangerous, and thus most Calaclians never leave their own island. Nowadays, however, the shores of Calacle are well explored and mostly safe, and some brave men and women even go out in the river to trade with humans from either side of it. The island is peaceful and prosperous, with the republic still ruling over all of it. The biggest problem here is the effect of inbreeding that becomes ever more evident every year.
Alternative Name(s)
Calacle Refuge, Calacle
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Included Locations
Owning Organization
Republic of Uclal
Related Ethnicities
Building / Landmark | Apr 10, 2020

A very wide and long river flowing past the Great Plains and the Endless Forest

Species | Apr 10, 2020

A relatively young and numerous race, whose aggressive expansion have put the known world on the edge of another grand war

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