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Technology of the Fourth Era

After the fall of Anúrendor, Silverhaven fell behind on technological advancements. While all kingdoms still used weapons such as swords, armor, and other medieval weaponry, the Elves and Dwarves had become more mechanically talented. The Dwarves were fascinated with metal gears and machines that ran on steam, and developed some of the finest steel mills in all the land. Elves created intricate device up to proto-type airships. Although all technology relied on some bit of magic, whether a lot or a little. Men lost much of their knowledge on magic, or people could not study magic in order for other important jobs to be filled, such as farmers or doctors. Silverhaven could not trade or buy from other countries with these technologies because of the decrease in their economic growth and their kingdom and their lack of funds to buy and trade.


Steam and coal technology is uses most for smelting ore and metal and smith work. Wind technology is used most for airships, which are used to increase travel and speed of transportation.


It started out with molds for making different sized pieces for machines that would be assembled with different tools. The machines they made would help improve the production of those pieces, and then other machines could be invented using those pieces. It would take many people to work on large machines like smelters or airships.
Access & Availability
In other kingdoms such as Turvan-Jurltar or Iléndir, technology is more accessible than in other countries.
Most technology includes lots of gears, cogs and other parts. Steam, wind, coal and oil are the best sources of power used for these technologies.
Technology like steam and wind were discovered by inventors during a renaissance of sorts in the Thrid Era, when the land of Odránidir began to prosper again, and their became more room for improvement.

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