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Guns are just coming into popularity in the Ander Vale. However, only a handful of smiths are licensed to build it. There is a high demand for these effective weapons, giving these smiths a lot of power in terms of pricing.   Everyone assumed a man created these, but they would be wrong. In fact, it was a young gnomish woman who created them.


It was discovered to make hunting easier, but the resistance for change made it hard for Carnation to get the town to use them. Eventually, they began creating them, but not using them. Other cities will pay the hightest amount of coin for them, though.   Carnation refused to give up the schematics to the government (like the other firearm smiths) because she feared that they would misue her weapons. She was correct in this assumption. The Government has outfitted their entire G.A.S.K. Branch of the military with these firearms, making them the most deady soldiers in the army.   Carnation eventually came to regret creating such a weapon of destruction.


Firearm Smiths make each gun by hand. They refuse to give the schematics to the government for mass production, for fear of guns taking over in popularity.
Carnation Hillason. She is an inquisative gnome who wanted to make her people's life easer without really considering their hate for change.
Access & Availability
Despite the fact that it was invented here, there isn't much access in Havenwood. The Firearm Smiths in Havenwood are the only ones allowed to produce them (and they charge a lot) so many people don't want to spend the coin to make them. Along with that, they Havinites don't like the idea of this fancy technology despite the best intentions for its creation.
These tools aren't complex in nature, however, they are sealed specially so that they can't be easilly taken apart. And each gun is made uniquely, so that the buyer has to go to the smiths of Havenwood in order to get a part replaced.
Firearms were discovered in Havenwood by a young prodigal inventor named Carnation Hillason

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