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The Drill to End All Drills

The aptly-named (though not imaginatively-named) Drill to End All Drills was developed in order to explore the until-then untouchable landmark that was the Tolona Wall. Those mountains were encrusted with valuable glistening jewels that had moved the local economy for centuries, gathering them during landfalls and thunderstorms and turning them into precious and expensive objects.   And old legend warned the local populace that the Tolona Wall was formed from the body of sleeping deities, and that messing with said bodies would not be a good idea. However, some daring and ambitious people though that the money gained from drilling the mountain at will rather than awaiting for nature to make the jewels available to them would more than compensate for the "inconvenience" of waking up powerful deities and kick-starting another Catharxis.
Nay Tur Wild invented the Drill to End All Drills. She did not know it was because of her blessings reawakening, and she definitely did not know that drilling Felialma's petrified body would result in more Godlings awakening theirs.
Access & Availability
One a few exist in the entire world, because they are too powerful and important to fall to the masses. What would happen to the jawel's value if they were made even easier to acquire? It's better that a few people produce them on demand, so those few people can get rich!
The Drill to End All Drills was discovered after years of research and one lucky Godling blessing that mysteriously found its way out before any other. The scientists did not know it at the time, though.

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