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The Iron Forged Lantern

The relentless threat of the fire beetles necessitated the creation of a new way of distributing the life giving flame of Guatu. The old method of using torches from town to town would no longer do. As the Lanternbearers would soon learn, there was no guarantee that the next town over would still be there by the time they returned. Thus, a new tool was created in the forges of Mount Guatu.   A metal ring was affixed to a metal cage that draped down and connected to a thick metal base. A metal plate was wrapped around the cage covering three of it's sides to protect it from the wind or other environmental hazards. Meanwhile a second plate was inserted in such a way that it could slide across the open side in case of an emergency that forced Lanternbearer to protect the flame or hide it's light from unwelcome eyes.   Now armed with a new tool that could bring back hope to the Children of Guatu, the Lanternbearers set out on their sacred task of returning the sacred light back to their people. The Lanternbearers themselves wore the same heavy leather robes of the smiths for protection. Everywhere they roamed they carried the flames, their belts lined with bladders filled with oil to keep the flame alive. Each time they encountered another living Guali, they would pass on the flame. At the villages they traveled to they would use the lanterns to reignite the extinguished fire pits. When the fire beetles inevitably noticed them they made the ultimate sacrifice by shining the light on the creatures and leading them deep into the jungle never to be seen again.   The lanterns would save many lives. Without the Fire of Life the Guali could not live. The fire beetles preyed on the fire and stole it from the chest of Guatu's children. The Lanternbearers returned it to them.

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