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The Simple Crane

While not as complex as modern day cranes, it is still able to move weights if a few tons. Made with ashwood from the ash tree found in abundance around the edges of watering holes or the rate river, the technology consists of a base where the main arm sits. On one side of the arm is the leverage. On the other side is the "hand" of the crane where the limestone blocks are placed. Three to four men will raise or lower the limestone at will through thick robes while another two pull it clockwise or counterclockwise. While an effective machine, it is by all means not perfect. It can take up to a week to build from scratch and will fall apart if not done perfectly. Old age will rip through it like a knife through butter, and through the process of building a city, many cranes will need to be replaced.


Used for the movement of limestone blocks for building or quarry making purposes.


Weeks of labor and many men are used to create, often taking longer if the crane is not made perfectly. It takes ashwood to create the base and arm and limestone to create the leverage. Robe is used to tie everything together, hold the lerverage or raise the limestone blocks.
Note: Although, the picture is not a perfect representation of the crane I had in mind, it is close enough to what i could find.
Derafsh the Wise. Derafsh the Wise is known best for his many strives in technological advancement. While most of his technology seems simple to us modern people, it was seen as a stroke of genius to the surface dwellers of Sayaare who needed to focus more on digging up water to survive. His inventions not only increased the speed a quarry was dug up but also the speed of the building of a city.
Access & Availability
While well known to the public, it is not something often made.
While inspecting the construction of Kalīka City, Derafsh the Wise saw the trouble the men were having when lifting up the limestone blocks. He reported this to the king at the time, King Bahrom, who then instructed Derafsh to find a simpler was to lift the limestone. After weeks in his tent running through ideas and creating prototypes, Derafsh invented the crane. King Bahrom approved, and Derafsh tested and refined the idea over the course of a year until the model used during the construction of the Great Temple of the Sun was born.

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21 Aug, 2018 22:55

I really love this. I was wondering how many people will go with something simple like this, given the many "medieval/historical" settings. Kudos and good luck!

A. T. Rainier
22 Aug, 2018 21:38

Thank you! I think it's a good fit for the most complex technology in the world with its great capabilities but great fragility, a good balance for a world bogged down by its endless search for water. I wish you the best of luck to you also.