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Mankind's Ladder into Tomorrow

Image From: Outlaw star (Caster)
It's a real shame what became of most of the old tech, back around Kennedy's time. The reds back then had some real "Wild" tech. Bigger shame was that the damn things were always breaking down. Gravity repulsion belts for flight, mind-wave reader screens and laser pistols. It would have led into a world of science and wonder but in the end it never worked. Gravity repulsion led to communists raining from the sky, mind-wave readers usually just had static and laser pistols turned into flashlights after one shot. Times changed and now our company has some interesting prototypes that will clean up the failures of the past and we can't wait to get them to market!   -Representative from Lily Corp at a recent tech demo.


HyperTech has been used mostly for combat applications in the past however new utilitarian uses in domestic and business settings are being released in early access field testings.
Image From: Outlaw star (Caster)
While not the absolute creator of HyperTech as a field, Professor Ursine is seen as the Father of Soviet HyperTech.
Access & Availability
Throughout the Cold War, HyperTech was dismissed as "Commie-Tek" or "Pinko Gear". It was only seen used by communist extremist subversive agents in the NATO allied nations. When the Cold War concluded, Russia still was hesitant to release it to the public for safety and regulation reasons. It was available for years in some form on the Black Market but in recent years, western tech companies have begun looking into it as a "holy grail" of sorts and trying to fix the old bugs that plagued HyperTech for so long.
This is, for lack of a better term, super-science. The theories behind the field of HyperTech are not magical, in the way that neither flamethrower nor railgun are magic but are complex and with complexity comes many small pieces that can fail and throw it all out of order.
During the earliest years of the Cold War there was a rush from the national superpowers to get the definitive leg-up on their rival. They needed to be better, more; they needed to be "super" and in the pursuit of that goal Russia took the lead. An outlier genius in Russia, Professor Ursine, put HyperTech on display through villainous acts alongside of cadre of communist extremists. This gripped America's attention though and at their earliest opportunity they began attempting to reverse engineering the techniques used themselves.

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Author's Notes

This is supposed to illustrate advanced technologies that, while in the vein of sci-fi, are not so advanced that they would be considered "magic" like the third of Clarke's Laws.   Regular Technology: Flamethrower   Hypertech: Magna-gun or radiation collector.   Hypertech is NOT: Sentient Androids (too advanced), the more advanced and sleek models of Iron Man armors (Nothing more advanced than the 1st movie), enchantments and spells.   Hypertech CAN BE: A space colony (manipulating celestial energies, using artificial spores that absorb and expel more oxygen etc), An exo-combat suit that is lightweight and uses electric impulses to increase the strength and reflexes of the wearer (making them a sort of super soldier).   This is by no means to be a comprehensive list but meant to help clarify things.

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