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PowerPunk Earth

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Nearly two decades into the new millennium; the national powers of crime, politics and business are at one another's throats in America and society has reached a bitter crossroad as it crawls towards it's newest iteration. The cyberpunk dystopia is just as likely as the science fiction utopia but the storms of the past have blocked out the bright lights that loom on the future horizon. The majority of people are fed and work jobs that get them through the day but in cities those jobs come equally from criminals as they do from corporations and the government.   Each of these powers; criminal, government or corporate, seek the edge that will put them over their competitors. Augmented reality that has integrated into mundane advertisements and shadow networks offer the AR news for those plugged into criminal pirate feeds. Artificial intelligence, cold war era genetic modifications, the blossoming field of cybernetics and advanced “hyper-tech”, each field once the sole province of the government that found its way to both the private sector and black market. None is so potent however as their newest find. Dubbed "The Exim", little is known about them, control over them is not guaranteed and each organization looks on them with a mix of envy and fear. These beings look and behave like humans but wield a phenomenon that can only be called ”super-powers.”

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