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Laurelmist Lenses

Laurelmist Lenses are lenses made from the laurelmist crystals found on the Wall Stone Coast. They are used for a variety of things depending on the magic enchanted on them.


The lenses are used for many purposes depending on the magic used to enchant it. Here are some common uses.

Arcane Magic

  • Identifying materials
  • Determining the healthiness of a creature
  • Spotting living/dead creatures
  • Identifying magic type

Death Magic

  • Creating a golem
  • Soul Snatching
  • Memory alterer
  • Raising the dead

Solar Magic

  • Environment Protection
  • Sol protectors
  • Healing focus
  • Protection ward

Lunar Magic

  • Disguise ward
  • Illusion energy source
  • See past illusions

The Elemental Magics

  • No typical or useful effects

Light/Dark Magic

  • A permanent source of L/D
  • A directed Healing/Decaying aura


The process is simple, but time and resource consuming. Once mined from the sea caves under Wall Stone Coast, the crystal needs to be sculpted into the lense. To do this, the sculptor needs arcane magic and glassblowing tools. Just as you would melt glass into vases and windows, the crystals have unique properties that forces them to bend into certain shapes. Beforehand a mold needs to be made for the appropriate size and shape of the lense, typically the size of eyewear. Once made, the sculptor can begin. He will heat the furnace up to the highest possible temperature then add arcane magic to heat it further. Once at the desired temperature, the crystal can be added. While inside the furnace, the crystal will turn into a goo like state that allows for it to be molded into a desired form. It would then be put in the mold for cooling. Due to this properties it will be evenly curved during its cooling process. After the cooling is complete, the lense itself is made, no smoothing required. However, the magical properties for it need to be enchanted. This is typically done with necormany to enchantment any source of magic the sculpture desires.
Humans invented this around the rise of Aulus thousand years ago.
Access & Availability
When trying to replicate the Shards of Ithran the magics created something competely different, the Laurelmist Lenses.

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