Use of Elemental Hearts in Production & Industry

Elemental Hearts are incredibly valuable items, not just for their aesthetic beauty, but also for their application in the creation of some of the most powerful magical items, the world has ever seen.


There are several complex processes involved in the use of Elemental Hearts to construct magic items:
  • First, a mundane item of significant quality must be found for the Heart to be bound to, and a place where the Heart is to be attached needs to be made. There is no use in using a cheap host item, partly because the item needs to be physically robust enough to take being bound to a heart (which may itself involve magically protecting the item so it survives the process), and to get the best results from the enchantment placed upon it.
  • Secondly, the individual carrying out the crafting must ensure that they are adequately protected themselves from any potential miscasting, or malfunction in the crafting ritual. This almost always involves the use of both magical and physical armour. Elemental Hearts, especially those of Greater Elementals can be incredibly unstable, and must be treated with great caution.
  • Finally, the ritual crafting takes place, which may take several days to complete, depending upon the complexity of the enchantment being imbued into the item. The Elemental Heart is not the main conduit for the enchantment, but acts to strengthen and magnify the effects of the enchantment.
Access & Availability
Although the ability and knowledge to use Elemental Hearts in the crafting of magic items is almost entirely restricted to the Dragonborn of Zhisbon, knowledge of the potential uses for Elemental Hearts is very widespread. This is because Elemental Hearts are worth a significantly large amount of money, as are the items that are crafted using them. As a result, people are keenly aware of this technology, principally because tales of people making their fortunes through the discovery of an Elemental Heart, and occasionally killing an Elemental to get one, attract great attention, like all tales of rags to riches.   In order to use an Elemental Heart to craft an item, however, one needs an intimate knowledge of magic, in order to most efficiently create and item of great power that will stand the test of time, and to ensure that you are protected whilst engages in this process. Hence, the only people who are actually able to use this technological idea are those who are magically sensitive, and who have the strength and training to properly contain said magic.

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