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Lumber Cutters

"You haven't seen true wood-cutting until you've seen a steam-spittin' Lumber Cutter in action."


Lumber Cutters are used in standard wood harvesting operations, navigating tough terrain to cut down trees using it's arm-mounted chainsaw.   There have been cases where heavily modified Lumber cutters have been used in hunting expeditions and unfortunately, even murder.
Aaton Daahl, inventor extraordinaire.
Access & Availability
Lumber Cutters are part of the standard wood-harvesting equipment, an absolute necessity for any sucessful Lumber business.
Lumber Cutters are complex machines of many moving parts, but the general concept is simple. Each machine carries a steam boiler which powers it's specialized leg-wheels, which are the key to its ability to travel on practically any surface. Each leg ends in a sort of 'foot', allowing the legs to grip any terrain. It is also equipped with a rudimentary chainsaw, allowing it to quickly cut down trees. Small bundle of trees are tied together and hitched to the backside of the Lumber cutters, which drag them back to camp for processing.
The drive to harvest the vast forests of Vish'na in ever-more efficient ways gave birth to Aaton Daahl's spindly Lumber Cutters, steam-spewing machines which can traverse even the most difficult of terrain.   Purportedly, Aaton Dahl was wandering around a logging site, attempting to find ways to improve the efficiency of wood cutting, to no avail.   As he walked among the equipment, a steam boiler malfunctioned and burst. It not only shot shrapnel at terrifying speeds, but nearby saws, axes and other equipment. One axe whistled mere inches past Aaton Daahl, burying itself among a shower of splinters on a nearby tree.   And that is when, according to Aaton Daahl himself, 'Inspiration struck. Almost literally.'   Aaton Daahl, to this day, heavily enforces safety inspections on his Lumbercutters, especially the boilers.

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