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Death-O-Mizer 9000

Toby Tomcat sprinted towards Mayor Mallard's building, his heart pounding in his chest. The words "What have I done?" appeared in a thought bubble over his head, drawing attention from onlookers as it trailed behind him for a few seconds before vanishing. His breath caught in his throat as overwhelming guilt gnawed at his conscience. It was only supposed to be another prank, irritating yet ultimately harmless. Had he known what that black monstrosity was actually capable of he never would have bought it out of the old studio. He burst into the mayor's majestic old building, bouncing and sliding off the smooth marble walls in a panic before rushing up the stairs to Mayor Mallard's office. "Mayor! Mayor!" Toby yowled as he skidded noisily to a halt. The old duck snapped awake; he had been snoozing on his big oak desk. "What in tarnation brings you here, you scamp?" he quacked angrily. "I...I done screwed up, I did, Mayor Mallard," wheezed Toby, eyes drooping in a combination of exhaustion and remorse. "I went into the old animation studio, and I let out an Inkling," said Toby, on the verge of tears. "It was only supposed to be a prank! I didn't know what it would do once it got out!" The color drained out of Mayor Mallard's face, his bill hanging open in disbelief. "A prank?" he quacked quietly. "Letting one of those things run loose was your idea of a quacking PRANK?" At that, Toby started bawling, water spraying from his eyes and dripping down his whiskers. Mayor Mallard waddled up and slapped Toby across the face. "Pull yourself together, you foolish feline!" he snapped. "You made this quacking mess, now you're gonna help me clean it up." "How?" Toby sniffled. Mayor Mallard beckoned for the remorseful cat to follow him down the stairs and into the lower levels of his building. They soon reached a massive, darkened vault nestled into the wall, and the mayor put in a combination. The great iron door swung open to reveal a slightly smaller iron door, and the mayor put in another combination. He repeated this process six more times until the final vault door swung open, revealing a small alcove with a strange device resembling a gun attached to a big cylinder by a series of tubes rested. "This," said Mayor Mallard, hefting the weapon with a mix of awe and disgust, "is the Death-O-Mizer 9000. Use this on the Inkling." "I-I don't wanna go anywhere near that thing!" Toby gulped, sweating bullets as he stepped away from the dastardly device. "I'm not giving you a quacking choice! Now move it before I use it on you!" Toby hesitantly took the weapon from Mayor Mallard, then wound up his legs and sped off back in the direction he came. "For once in your miserable life, don't quack this up," said Mayor Mallard under his breath.


The Death-O-Mizer 9000 is essentially a much more powerful version of an eraser. It was originally used by the Animators to get rid of ink stains or unwanted characters, though in the hands of a Toon in serves as an extremely powerful weapon. It is one of the only things capable of killing Inklings, which are immune to conventional erasers, though using it comes with the risk of destroying anything else around it, as the acetone will disintegrate not only living Toons, but the backgrounds they inhabit as well.
Access & Availability
Only Mayor Mallard has access to it, though it is believed that older versions of it are hidden somewhere within the Funtoon studion.
The Death-O-Mizer 9000 is functionally identical to a squirt gun, though instead of water, it shoots acetone, a chemical fatal to animated beings.

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