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The Chthonian Engine

"This terrible machine is the world's only hope! If we don't activate the Engine, the Simulacra will get off the island, and then no one will be able to stop them. It's a horrific choice, Vintinan, but we must make it!"   "I will not allow it! Atlantis has stood for eons, weathered invasions and famine and plague! I will not allow this beacon of civilization to fall! Not while I draw breath."   "Then you leave me no choice, Prime Master..."  
- Master of Knowledge Rillhar and Prime Master of Justice Vintinan, just before their deadly battle.


The Cthonian Engine was a doomsday weapon. Before its use, it was theorized that it could cause entire cities to crumble. This was a grave underestimation of its potential.   It was intended to be a last resort. Should war come to Atlantis, and should Atlantis be on the verge of destruction, the Engine would be used. Calamity and death would be brought to whoever threatened the Isle of the Blessed.   For almost one thousand years, the Engine was not needed. But then, the Simulacra threatened not only Atlantis, but all of humanity. Rillhar, Master of KNowledge, became the first and last person to activate the Cthonian Engine, setting Atlantis itself as the target.   The entire continent was shattered, sinking deep beneath the sea, leaving no trace it was ever there.   "May all the souls in all the worlds forgive me for this act..."  
- Rillhar's final words


Through complex sigils and sorceries, it charged the undersea lay lines with magical energy, causing the Earth itself to tremble and shake.
The name or names of the Engine's creators, perhaps out of shame, were excised from the historical record.
Access & Availability
One Cthonian Engine has or ever will exist. It is known and accessible to only the Circle.

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