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The Revolver

A revolver is a type of gun that, in history, was one of the first ever to exist. And during the events of the story, the revolver is becoming more and more popular in Lantern Hill. Many young knights and squires are adamant on the sword remaining as the town's signature weaponry, though critics often complain that they are holding on too tightly to the past. The church is advocating for these revolvers, stating that they are the only weapons capable of killing the monsters referred to as the "Devilsnakes".


The revolver is used to protect (its intended use), and it is also used to kill (its misuse).


Professional tinkerers are required employment for the creation of a revolver. An order is made by the client, and the tinkerer builds the gun upon such request using an outline.
The virtuous man who created the gun chose to remain anonymous, for the purpose of shielding himself from the scorn of his fellow men. He knew its intended purpose was to protect the innocent, but he knew that strife was inevitable. Therefore, he made a deliberate decision to disassociate himself from the gun, so that the blame for an unjust shooting would fall exclusively on the shooter who committed it. How ironic it is, then, that the head of the church is using the same logic to order the citizens of Lantern Hill to hunt and dispose of the "Devilsnakes"...
Access & Availability
The revolver is common knowledge to the citizens of Lantern Hill, as it has been for a few years. Thanks to the advocacy of the church, many people have purchased one for their protection, and to solidify their participation in the hysteria against the "Devilsnakes".
The revolver is not a complex technology by any means of the word. The revolver is aimed, and the trigger is pushed.
The revolver was discovered after countless gun design drafts made by an innocuous inventor with the intention of aiding the safety of men and women.

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