Magokinetic Mining Drill

Never before has the ingeniuity of humans been demonstrated better than with the Magokinetic Mining Drill. There you have a construct that was working with the usage of muscles and sweat - and it was elegantly improved to be a magotechnologically driven process. Truly, this is but the first step towards a glorious age of technology and industry!
The Magokinetic Mining Drill is a recent development, originally proposed during the sixth Annual Darturian World Exposition of Science and Magic in Conassa. It combines the technology of a Cattle Driven Quarry with the power of a General-Purpose Magokinetic Motor, leading to higher mining yield with less man-power.
Due to the rising demand in various metals by the developing industry in the western nations, several companies have specialized their own stock of Mining Drills, using various techniques. The drills are now a common occurrence in many sites of known metal deposits, outshining the many hopeful prospectors in the area.


The Magokinetic Mining Drill combines two previously known technologies into one. It uses the already known quarry setup of a tower with several gears, moving the drill core up and down as well as rotating it through the use of a central gear. Where in the previous version cattle or even strong men would rotate the core through handlebars, now a General-Purpose Magokinetic Motor is used to apply motion to the core.
The mining core itself is adorned with ridges in an angle, producing loosened earth, stone and ore upwards. Due to it being made out of hard metals the tower construction has to support its high weight. Most constructions consist of several layers of support just for this purpose.

S.C.E. Patented Mining Drill

The Mining Drill Technology by Scavati Cobalt Enterprises is currently the most advanced and most productive mining drill known in the modern world. It uses special magically enhanced gearboxes to support the rotational movement of the drill core and increase pressure and momentum overall in the vertical movement.
This enables a more lightweight drill core to work with tougher layers of stone while drilling deeper than other drills on average. It also opens up the whole setup to more overall mobility. However, the additional use of magical support leads to an enormously increased usage of Kinetic Crystals or other artifacts with stored magical energy.

Economical effect

The spread of mining drills enabled the mining companies to fulfill the rapidly growing demand for raw metals in the growing industries. At the same time, it puts large groups of independent miners in danger of losing their volition, as they are not able to compete with these constructions. The demand for Kinetic Crystals, Magical Artifacts and Treated Hardwood for the towers has increased significantly.
by Vertixico
Parent Technologies
Access & Availability
Increasingly Common (Mining Companies)
Medium Complexity
Combination of Cattle Driven Quarry with a General-Purpose Magokinetic Motor


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27 Sep, 2018 18:11

I think this is a nice device, however I'm wondering exactly when this was invented? Why didn't people invent it earlier? Why was this invented?

27 Sep, 2018 18:44

Short, detailed and to the point. It reads a bit like a wikipedia article, and I mean that in the best way possible. Explains the function and its influence on society and industry.   The one thing I'm sort of missing is tooltips for links. Some links ( Annual Darturian World Exposition of Science and Magic) does have tooltips, but others (Conassa and Scavati Cobalt Enterprises) do not.   Tooltips help you get a feel for what you're reading, without having to leave the article and read something else.   Nice job!

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27 Sep, 2018 21:13

Very straight forward, which I feel like it was entirely intentional. I like these kind of articles for the more technological articles. Engineering a very dry subject as whole, and it plays well to the short, informative approach. I to would like some info in regards to how and when however.

28 Sep, 2018 12:06

Really refreshing to see a different mining concept in a world! I love how you've tied this in with the world expo of science & magic, each time I get to read your articles it builds up layer upon layer of lore! Fantastic work on the illustration! I think the details of it would look great in the header but I know you have a running theme of banners :D

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28 Sep, 2018 15:39

To be honest I was really conflicted where to put the graphic - I did indeed consider the Header for it as well

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28 Sep, 2018 17:16

Short, sweet and to the point! Though I do wish it was just a bit longer. You've got a lot of the details down, and hint at some civil unrest with the 'outshining' comment early on. I would love to see a section discussing the social ramifications of this invention-- you do mention people are worried about losing their jobs, but how do different sorts of people feel about the invention? Do common folk find it fascinating, or are they angry family members may be losing their jobs?   The only other thing I can mention is maybe an infographic labeling the parts of the machine, perhaps framed as a construction blueprint or something of the sort, to help ground us in how you explain and detail it all.

29 Sep, 2018 20:55

I like the style of this article very much. Wikipedia entry-like, as was said before. Exactly the type of stuff that gets you to that rabbit hole of "just one more link!" The illustration really makes this article for me. Tremendous help in visualizing what the text is talking about. I also like the contrast between the glowing ad speak quote and the actual economical impact of people losing their livelihood.

Jazmine Harper
1 Oct, 2018 03:27

I'd assume with large machinery and added complexity there would be jobs for maintaining specific parts of the drill and an added risk of something going wrong if left for too long alone, maybe if the drill hits different types of stone it might damage the drill or different types of drills are better at collecting different resources.   Besides the one example be records of others, I assume they failed at making it first so how did they fail and what problems did they overcome, did they fix everything or does the drill still overheat or break infrequently. Like why there are three gears each side of the drill, did they start with 2 and tried putting 4 or do designs add more to add speed at the cost of more power or engines needed.   Although this version gets its point across quicker and without extraneous information which could be your goal making this concise piece fine as it is.

3 Oct, 2018 05:43

It is, but your points are excellent! Thank you for those ideas - I often add a "further issues" section, providing possible conflicts and related plothooks. Those points are great for that! :)

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