General-Purpose Magokinetic Motor

What good is a device that makes one thing go round and another go up and down? Are you mad, sir? How will this help anyone at all?
The General-Purpose Magokinetic Motor is the first motor that could be universally applied to mechanical devices. This way with a more or less unified design kinetic energy could be applied to any kind of apparatus where needed. The core of this motor was a drum filled with specifically placed magical crystals, that cause the drum to rotate upon completing the circle. This rotation can be conveyed over an axis and a cylinder to another apparatus. The Kinetic Crystals are easily made by most magicians in short time and high numbers.

First introduction

The first known prototypes used in industry was within a sawmill in Vertrepiet. This sawmill could increase productivity by a such astounding factor, that Baradolia Sawmill Cooperation funded the upcoming developements of more efficient high yield motors, effectively making the lowly Sawblade Mage in the woodcutting industry obsolete.

Fine tuned Motors

Another branch of motors was used in industry with more finesse. The already Programmable Loom could be upgraded into a full automated version, not even requiring human muscle force. This lead to the first industrial sized fabrication complex in Mucarhin, producing higher quantities of high quality fabric than any other in Baradolia.

Scientific Basis

The General-Purpose Magokinetic Motor was a working proof of the Fundamental Laws of Magokinetics by Jacob Alté. Applying this law gave the guidelines to fine tune the magical crystals well enough, so the machine would not immediately break upon engaging the rotation. On the other hand, this offered a measuring device on the magical energy within a crystal that can be readily transformed into kinetic energy.

Social Impact

  The introduction of the motor in the industry will have a lasting impact on the world.
The production and quality of vital goods, such as textiles, building material and food has gone up enormously while keeping them affordable, even cheaper
It opens up the door for many follow up discoveries, many of which leaves the dependence on magic behind. It is alsoproof of concept of quantifying the interconnections between magic and physics
It shifts the area of jobs and needed skills. Where before you needed trained magicians and skilled craftsmen, a simple worker nor suffices
It increased the value of magical crystals and certain metals while at the same time devaluing many common resources, therefore shifting the economy fundamentally.
Additionally, it gave birth to a spirit of invention-ism and entrepreneurship. The world was changing a lot and a bright mind could make a fortune with this quite easily.
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13 Jul, 2018 16:23

I enjoyed this read bud. You got a littel bit of broken row code near the bottom. But other wise I really enjoyed reading about this engine. I wonder if this would ever be used for vehicles you pretty much intended this to replace the Combustion Engine right?

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13 Jul, 2018 16:54

Thanks for the catch, fixed it.
I was thinking how to advance to engines when magic is present. This would be the replacement of the earlier steam engine, since using magical artifacts would be common already. In my mind this would natueally lead to combustion as well

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13 Jul, 2018 16:32

Ruddy engines, coming over here, stealing our jobs. Loving the thought put into this, especially with the negative consequences of technological advances.

13 Jul, 2018 23:29

This kind of magic tech was a sweet read. It was enjoyable for me to learn about the different industry this technology impacted as well as the social implications. Well done!