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Jacob Alté

Consolar Jacob Gerome Alté

Early Life

Born by an elven mother of the slightly xenophobic Legari of Legaridani, Jacob grew up with his father first in Ramony, close to the Legaridanien border. His father, Patric Alté was head of a small watchmaker network in the second generation. Jacob grew up in relativ wealth and enjoyed a good education in young years.

After reports of the execution of his mother Ramea, Jacob and his father moved to Trandit, the capital of Baradolia, where Jacob got accepted into the Academia Baradolia for studies of Magophilosophy at age 14.

He was only 19 when he postulated his groundbreaking theory of Fundamental Laws of Magokinetics, earning him a Consoloariat at the Academy with only 22 years.  

Life in Academia

After being included in the Consoloariat of the Academy, Alté's work became less focussed but in no way less important. He collaborated with several other scientist in the field of Magokinetcis, Mathematics, Optics and helped pushing the boundaries in these respective fields.

Although being known for being a very impatient and difficult teacher, several great scientists and engineers were educated by him.
Theodore Carlson during his studies developed and buidl the first Carlson Dynamo, that would proof to be a generator of magic from burning coal and other fossil fuels.
His correspondence with Erwald Fergusson laid the foundation for the currently developing Magic Field Theory.
1599 AR 1683 AR 84 years old


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