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The alchemist dipped the lens into a vat filled with a liquid from the eyes of Raicans. These small creatures secreted this onto their eyes. Maybe it worked on glass lenses as well. He moved the lens towards a table, on which he had places a box, which he had hidden with a substance. It did not reappear. He cursed under his breath. People had been growing more and more scared around Keeptown and he wanted to find out what it was. This wasn't the usual fear of the authorities or starvation, but something else. Something he could not see. Something he wanted to make visible. If only there was a human he could ask.


Alchemy is not used in day-to-day life. It is kept secret by alchemists, out of fear of misuse. It is used for farming and medicine, but the more occult aspects are kept hidden.


Alchemy is achieved through the collection of substances, which include blood, bones, metals, species of wood and seeds, parchment and fruit juices. Depending on the desired effect, the process can take from several hours to months. For the more mystical effects, magical incantations are required to conjunction with alchemical science.
Alchemy was not invented by a single person, but discovered by various scholars all over the world.
Access & Availability
Alchemy is widely known about, but highly distrusted by the public. The only people who have full access to it are a select group of people, who stay in the shadows. Some are employed by rich high-class people, but mainly they are independent and funded by various shady sources.
Alchemy requires the mixture of certain magical substances, usually in liquid form, to achieve the desired effect. Silver is often key in this, since it reacts well to alchemical magic. Most of the more harmless substances require the right mix of ingredients, however there is an occult aspect to alchemy, in the sense that spells and incantations are often paired with the mixing of these substances.
Alchemy was discovered as an accident. When mixing certain substances, such as blood, juices or metals, certain effects could be attained. Silver has often been a key ingredient for alchemy. This is still highly experimental and was only regularly studied recently.

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