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Locomagitive Railroad Engine

The locomagitive railroad engine is a blending of traditional steam technology with the use of magic. A boiler sits atop a chamber heated by a special crystal that absorbs and amplifies heat fed to it by a pyromancer. The immense heat boils the water in the boiler chamber above it - supplied by a hydromancer who also directs the flow of the resulting steam through a series of brass pipes that run the length of the locomotive engine. This steam then drives pistons which turn the wheels of the engine. Because of the control over the steam in the pipes, one boiler can power an engine over thirty feet in length with up to twelve piston-powered wheels. The power generated, eliminated reliance on natural fuels, and the efficiency of the smaller boiler all make the locomagitive engine superior to a traditional steam engine.   Railroads are starting to network together many regions of the continent of Haven. Traditional steam locomotives have in the past only been used for local regional transport, but the advent of the locomagitive engine has increased both the reach and demand for trans-continental transportation of goods and passengers.
Access & Availability
The Locomagitive engine is still relatively rare and expensive, and because it relies on two specialist mages working together hiring personnel to operate it is prohibitively expensive and difficult. The cost is considered by many to be worth the savings in fuel and improved efficiency, but it is only operated by some of the more wealthy rail barons.
The Locomagitive engine was created in a partnership between famed inventor and engineer Harrison Jones and his partner, acclaimed mage Nikolai Kristoff. They wished to make a form of travel that did not rely on coal production as a source of fuel, and that could transport more cargo or passengers quicker than traditional means.

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