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Zinc Explosives

What makes us great? We have prospered with leaders, and survived without them. Our neighbors, however, can hardly survive without someone - or something - to depend on. We, however, have been capable of maintaining a standard of living without guidance.  
  • Interview with the Denizens of the Quarantine: Gignō
  • Utility

    All one must do is speak the word and kablooie!   The only misuse recorded was an incident regarding an ex student who's master mistakenly believed was ready for that kind of power. The first thing he did after his last lesson was attack a caravan and speak the Word as he was getting beaten by the guards. He blew a hole in the hillside that is now treated as another point of spiritual importance.
    Access & Availability
    It's a closely-guarded secret, passed only from wise man to wise man. A maximum of only 100 Zinc know the Secret Word of Force, and less still know it.
    It's simply a sound that causes everything within a radius of the speaker to be hit with enough force to tear it apart, no matter the material. The Gignō who found the word believed it to be proof of some sort of divinity, as he was too grief-stricken to even attempt to find a scientific explanation for what had happened. Instead, he chalked it up to the gods punishing him for questioning their legitimacy. Some say his last words were curses upon his won soul.
    While trying to figure out the validity of Zinc religion, a Gignō mistakenly caused the destruction of his tribe when he spoke the Secret Word of Force. Seeing its destructive power, the Gignō shared it with only the wisest people he could find, as the thought of lost information terrified him. He bound them to an Oath of Secrecy, and gave himself to The Shadows to atone for his slaughter.

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