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Venera Defence Matrix


Venera's proudest accomplishment, the Venera Defence Matrix (VDM) is one of the few things standing in the way of The Directorate obtaining complete control of Venus and its colonies. The barrel of each cannon is 30 metres in heights and 50 metres in length. Despite the relatively small size they pack quite a punch. Each individual cannon is capable of shooting supercharged particles at orbital targets at a maximum distance of 0.3 AU. At maximum charge each cannon is capable of dealing 1 gigaton of damage. At average charge, each shot deals approximately 10 megatons of damage.   Each cannon is equipped with a serious of smaller pulse cannons capable of defending against ground attack as well.   Dual fusion reactors in the cannons core provide it with a huge amount of energy whilst operational, however to minimise risk they lay largely dormant until needed. Each cannon is also guarded by a highly advanced AI subroutine designed to eliminate any unauthorised personnel. All previous attempts by The Directorate to infiltrate the facilities has resulted in mass casualty.
Planetary Defence Cannon Reactor
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The cannons were developed and manufactured by the Veneran Scientific Coalition to ensure the safety and (relative) independence of the Veneran people and wider Venus from the Directorate.
Access & Availability
A dozen (known) installations dot the surface of Venus, primarily focused around Venera Colony.
The cannons are powered by fusion technology however the other mechanisms of operation are a closely guarded secret of the Veneran Scientific Coalition.
The Venera Defence Matrix was created by a consortium of scientific organisations local to Venera as a failsafe in 2812 should The Directorate decide to move forces planetside. Much of the technology was already available however the unique schematics to the devices are a closely guarded secret.   A Directorate attempt to replicate the technology in 2833 resulted in an area the size of Australia being completely decimated and irradiated on the Martian surface. They did not try to replicate it again.

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