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The ring press

The ring presses are mechanically operated press which allows for the use of attaching chain links and rivets together easily


The ring press is used in the creation of chain mail. When one does one pull it rivets two links together.After which human input is needed to move the now connected links to as to allow the connection of the third link. You do this until you create one line of links that you then connect with manually with the second then third line that you make until you have completed a side


The process of manufacturing a ring press which requires the creation of three hoppers one for the rivets to for the links. A lever and a press screw, a frame to hold all the parts and a hard metal piece that is to act as the hammer and's another to act as a and anvil
The ring press was not invented by any individual but instead was a collective effort of the MaDoRa'en artisans and Smith's
Access & Availability
The ring press is a uncommon to the general public mostly due to the fact that the ring press has very little use other than in the production of making chain mail and due to this fact is only seen in towns with furnaces hard enough to melt iron seeing as all the rings and rivets needed are casted
The ring press is a relatively complex machine compared to most other presses. The ring press has more moving parts then any other press meaning that it relatively complex and has some difficultly being maintained
The ring press was developed by the artisans of MaDoRa in a attempt to speed up the production of chain mail which was highly sought-after by the Dukes. The ring press in many respects is simply a evolution of various other forms of presses that were used in the production of wine cheese or other foodstuffs

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