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Thanks to the mishaps of a few Godslayers, some Agruans got their hands on gunpowder from their firearms. Thanks to a bit of help from the Church, it was reverse engineered and the Agruans were able to create explosives. The only use they have for it that's in practice right now is cannons, but without a doubt, they'll learn to use it in other ways. The Godslayer Phillip Henderson advised against bringing Earthling technology to the Cage, but George Wickett went ahead with it anyway. The Godslayers started using fire arms against mortals, because it was just easier. A bullet works wonders in a world like Gaian.


It's currently only used by Agrua to operate cannons. The Godslayer, however have artillery, explosive bombs, mortars, turrets and automatic guns.


Only the Churches scientists are permitted to make it or even know the recipe. The Godslayers don't really care and just make it anyways.
Chinese alchemists, technically, but some credit The Genesis Slayer, the Warlord of New Earth. Others from the Church of the Primordial God give Yahweh all the credit.
Access & Availability
Only the Agruan military has access to it. It's used in cannons and is being developed for use with other weaponry.
It's not too far ahead of their own technological state, but the way it was used by the Godslayers was centuries ahead of them.
For the Godslayers, while devising more weapons for the Arsenal, George suggested implementing fire arms, since he knew how they worked and could probably make one. Use of lever action rifles became a commonality among the Godslayers quickly. It stopped a lot of them from being overwhelmed by soldiers or witch hunters. A few Agruans who secretly hired Godslayers stole some from their firearms. After it was brought to the Church, they deemed it to be magic and had the peasants burned. They later found out that it wasn't magic and was actually a mixture of minerals. After many grueling months, their scientists were able to create gunpowder.

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