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Technology in the Post-Time Era


"They are the ghost, creatures who are weeping in the wind that carries memories."   The advancement of human's technology has carried them to an uncharted era of their land. The barrier of time prevents them to cross to another place that they may corrupt delibrately. Their innovation is marked by the sleek and simple archtecture design, shaping their city and lifestyle more simple and self-oriented. The technology humans have is so abdsurd before and, even more, after they jump to a new era. Multi-gravity floor, transformable room that can become a kitchen or a living room, changeable wall brigthness, connected mind technology, and automatic plant material are some examples from their advancement in the Time era. Now, some still survive, the others are lost.  


"Carrier of seeds which time will tell what." The three-eyed humanoid species posses the technology of an ancient yet novel tools to assist their work. Instruments like shovels, leaf bags, and rain covers have made their way to the hands of the First. Every innovation and creation to advance their civilazation comes from their creator only. Gradually, their power increases as a brigther future of their race arrives at the right moment, the moment that is held by the White Lady.  


Time retells all burried stories. Reenact time means revive the forgotten world that humans wished to leave before. The water of time streams somewhere in the True World. One who may hold it and will to know why the world has became like this, one shall be left with a question that has no answer in mind.  


It is an ancient substance that has the power to kill a being, thus released its soul unto the air of the spirits nobody knows. Pain arrives first before the illness gradually devour one's body. Inside this substance, time exists to create moments of misery. Sickness has never appeared before a human girl carried by the White Lady recieved it when she was a baby.
The Last Inventor.

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