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Life Suits

The species Proioxis at all times use an mechanical anthropomorphic suits. There physical form is inside a small bowel filled with liquid similar to human baby in the womb called the core.


It has legs and arm like humans to do all tasks. Also it can be used like a space suit so most space station are no even filled with a breathable atmosphere. This is how many of the poorer space station are still usable as they have many holes in them.


This is generally one of the very few responsibilities of central governments like the one in Pavo Grouping .
Hush rumors suggest that long ago there was a planet in the solar system where the Proioxis evolved from. Then when the star when supernova they fled to the stars in there space stations using the suits to survive. Then they resettled the system in the broken ring that had been there planet.   As there are no stars to observe supernovas and other solar systems the claims found in these obscure records were easily condemned by the major religion.
Access & Availability
All Proioxis Get them at birth. When a Proioxis asexually reproduced they insert a new core into the suit which transfers the new born Proioxis into it.
It is believed by many included the main religion that Proioxis have always had the suits. They believe that they are the proper and true form of there people and any that do not are heathens to be eliminated.

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