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CraftSap and the name of the skill and those who manipulate the Blue Sap can control the shape of its density. For the Woodeater, this is sacred. Then manipulates "The Blood of the Good Mother", and this is not the task of anyone. who venture into the deepest parts of the trunk and return alive, can become a master of the Sap.   Recently humans have discovered the advantages and properties of the Blue Sap. Now they have learned that they can also control Sap and predestines to get as much as they can to regain their civilization.


A CraftSap can manipulate the Blue Sap to acquire other forms and concistencias.Com it can create weapons but strong that the steel, civil construction (houses, forts, bridges, etc), can create proteses, ropes, soft or sticky matters. The Woodeaters use to fight and defend their families and tribesmen. Humans have discovered that it is also possible to manipulate electricity through the Blue Sap.


To be a CraftSap you must place the Blue Sap in your body. Make shapes in geometric shape. Each shape gives a meaning to its manipulation. Sides left more resilient. Sap, Circles softer, Triangles can direct Sap and humans have discovered that Hexagone controls electricity. If it can have 12 designs of any size, depending on the amount, some properties of the sap may become stronger or weaker.
Access & Availability
is only within the trunk. For the Woodeaters only a few members can have. Humans are on their way to find out where it is
Blue Sap
The Woodearters discovered when they were living in the trunk of Good time began to discover their other utilities.   the humans discovered of a Great Worm that came out of a hole in the trunk. When they opened it, they discovered that it had the blue Sap and soon tried to find out what it was for.

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