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Never falter. Your words will break, and so too will your image. If this happens, ensure you were never seen to begin with.


In their efforts to retake their lost lands, a group of Whisperers have infiltrated Englas, the heart of Yorden territory. They hope to discover the location of the Broken Vault, and to dismantle the Millenium Council from within.
God-Speaker Jinala, Speaker for the Great Serpent Siverix
Access & Availability
Incredibly difficult to reproduce. Only Rhanün with a great understanding of Weirr magic can even attempt to perform this ability. Lesser still is the amount that can speak the Yorden tongue with enough proficiency to allow them to interact with the Yorden.   The amount of concentration required to maintain the effect is great.   Currently, Shifting is only known of by a small group throughout the world, even among the Rhanün themselves. Those that can perform this feat are known as Whisperers.
To project this image, the Whisperer must continuously sing. Developed from research into the mystical arts of the Weirr, the illusion is made through auditory manipulation of those around them. Such understanding of these arts is incredibly rare, with even the most gifted of Yorden scholars unable to reproduce it.   Should the song stop, or falter for even a moment, the illusion will fade.   The illusion itself simply renders the Rhanün Whisperer as a member of the Yorden race. To interact with the Yorden themselves, the Whisperer must be able to speak the Yorden tongue, and be capable of weaving their responses into the song they maintain. Failure to properly do so will interrupt the effect, revealing the Whisperer.   Until such time as they need to speak, the image of the Yorden will remain mute, the song unable to be heard by those under its effect.
The Rhanün, in their quest to retake their ancestral lands, turned further to the gods for aid. God-Speaker Jinala, speaker of the Great Serpent Siverix, discovered a tool offered through the understanding of their dead god.   In life, Siverix was able to shift and shimmer her scales. As light danced on her constantly rippling form, she was able to alter the perception of those that looked upon her, believing Siverix to be something she was not.   Jinala began numerous practices to call upon such a gift. After many rituals, and decades of research into the magic that nearly defeated the Yorden, Jinala and the serpent priests discovered a method of altering others perception, now known as Shifting. This ability, only useable by a scant few, allows these Rhanün to project a new image into the perceptions of those around them.

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