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Transmutation magic

Transmutation magic is a subset of spellcasting which, in essence, focuses on the manipulation of ones surroundings, using magic to reshape materials, change their properties or transform them into something else. Though more commonly used on objects, these spells can be used on living creatures as well, either reshaping them in a similar manner or granting them temporary abilities.


Though all magic has its various uses, transmutation is arguably the most useful for everyday tasks, with the high elves using this power to shape raw stone or wood into buildings, levitate or resize heavy cargo for easier transport, repair damaged objects and transmute tools from base materials. Some even reshape natural landmarks such as rivers or mountains to improve living conditions in towns and cities. However, while transmutation of plants is also common to improve crop yields, the use of transmutation on animals is unfortunately prone to abuse - though such spells can be used to create guard beasts, the resulting creatures have been known to run wild and cause tremendous destruction. Meanwhile, transforming other sentient creatures is considered taboo in some societies, and in others is still highly questionable if performed involuntarily.
Access & Availability
Though the high elves developed the technique and many of the spells, they have since been learned by others - as such, many of the simpler spells are passed down by magical practitioners across Vastoria, though the high elves still retain the formulae of the most complex or powerful spells.
Transmutation magic was initially developed by the high elves - as they made their own way from their native woods in the world, these elves faced new, harsh environments and dangerous creatures, and sought to alter and improve these circumstances by whatever means they could. Studying the properties of magic, they discovered that all materials contain some degree of latent, untapped magic, and through considerable practice and experimentation taught themselves to manipulate this magic to reshape these materials as they wished.

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