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Rejuvination on the Fleet

The door slid open silently, and the doctor read aloud "Johnathan H. Malory?" At the name, a haggard old man slowly dragged his creaking bones to an upright position and lurched painfully towards the woman in white. "Sir, you look a few decades late to your appointment." she said. "I know ma'am." Johnathan croaked. "A terrible ennui had me for years." "Mr. Malory, allowing yourself to age so much can put you at serious risk of death!" "That is what I mean ma'am. Now if you don't mind, let's get to it." "Certainly, sir." The doctor said, leading him down the hall to a long white pod. The elderly figure disrobed, carefully affixed the face mask, and entered the pod. Three days later, the viscuous solution drained from the pod, and a healthy young man stepped spryly out from it, and retrieved his clothes.


The pods fill with a substance based on CRISPR. A trained proffessional scans the subject's current genome and rebuilds it to match as closely as possible a snapshot that was taken when the subject was in their late twenties, returning them to approximately that age. Mistakes can result in genetic diseases, or altered features, which can be fixed in a subsequent visit, or can result in the subject's death. Operators must complete rigorous training to avoid fatal mistakes, and those who can afford to often employ specialists dedicated to preventing sabotage.


The fleet archives contain instructions, which are referenced whenever a pod needs to be repaired, but the only factories equipped to manufacture the pods were left behind when humanity fled Earth centuries ago.
A team of dozens of scientists all across Earth worked in tandem to develop this technology before the fleet's departure.
Access & Availability
This tech is almost universally available on board the fleet, much to the chagrin of numerous businessmen.
This is a highly complex technology, requiring an in depth comprehension of the human genome at an individual level.
The Rejuvination Pods are based on the CRISPR method of live genetic editing.

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