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Lenses and Microscope

Lenses are domed, cicrular pieces of clear glass of varying sizes, that are mainly used to make spectacles, a tool used to enhance the sight for those that are troubled in that area, and also to make devices that enable the average human to see farther than the eagles, called spyglasses. Librarians, scribes, and generally anyone too old to see properly will want to get hold of a spectacle, so they can do their jobs properly, and without help. Though lenses are not the cheapest things in the world, the demand for them far exceeds the demand for spyglasses, as only navigators, generals, and scouts buy the latter, which resulted in the current situation of the city, where almost one fifth of the crastmen are spectacle makers. On the other hand, microscopes, or at least the one and only microscope in the world, is in currently the possession if Giampierro, the spectacle maker. This device is the result of both his, and his friend's hard work and research. The device in theory can magnify objects so small like a flea, into a picture that shows every little detail about it. A feat that has been tested by Giampierro, affter falling ill. The device was supposed to be sold for scientists, but the strong presence of the church and it's doctrines, especially in the city the two inventor lived, has halted the search for a suitable investor, or customer, as using such device would be defiance against the already established worldview that everything is one and whole, and thus be heretical. A fact that only became clear after time and money was already invested.
The man who claimed ownership of the lense, Alberto Barcaiolo, was brutally murdered by his rivals before he could make it offical, so it is considered to be "common knowledge". The inventors of the microscope are Giampierro, and Ignazio.
Access & Availability
The lenses and spyglasses are though not cheap, but are avaible for everyone. The microscope is a one of a kind, and is possibly heretical to use.
The discovery of lenses aren't too big of a deal: A glassblower just blown too hard, and a piece of glass has flung off the main chunk, taking the domed spape afer falling in sand. The worker later found out that the glass piece actually magnifies the view, if one sees through it, which then quickly formed the new industry. The discovery of the microscope on the other hand wasn't so simple. The ide was that multiple lenses of different properties would result in greater magnification, but to take the exact measures was a long, arduous work, and have cost the inventors a great amount of money and rescources.

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