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The cure

A cure for every possible illness or infection, including the most disrespectful child humanity has to offer


The cure is exactly like it's named, a cure for almost all known illnesses and infections a human can catch. It has even proven effective at slowing cancer making it easier to treat with already known methods. The downside is that anyone who takes it becomes more or less sterile and unable to have children. This isn't widespread knowledge, since that'd ruin the Guaploris plans. Instead, the decreasing population is said to be from the natural slowing many countries experience when they start getting more developed.


The general population has very little insight into how the cure is made, and even worker at the various factories are unsure of the actual process outside their own part.
While the humans believe Mats Andersson created the cure, it really got created by the Guaplori. At this point there's a lot of versions of the cure, slightly modified for each species they have cleansed.
Access & Availability
The cure in funded by the Union, and accessible to everyone for free
Depending on which perspective you look from, the cure is either impossibly complex, or a fairly easy concoction. The humans would never have been able to develop it at their current technology level, but for the Guaplori it wasn't that hard to modify the cure they've used on themselves for eaons so that it worked on other beings, and making them sterile in the process to aid cleansing.
From the point of view of humans, Mats Andersson was a young and brilliant scientist that one day managed to figure out how to create a new medicine that wasn't specific for just one illness, but reacted to all foreign bacteria and virus in the body and helped to get rid of them.

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Author's Notes

Hello! And thank you for reading my article! This was made for the Tale Foundry challenge. Due to some creative fatigue, its current state is pretty rough, but I still wanted to share my ideas! I intend to clean it up in the future, but hopefully you didn't find it too messy in its current state ^^

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