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Such technological advances during such a short time, and never once did they doubt they did it themselves? Maybe we were too quick in our assumptions about humans. Just maybe they could have walked beside us if they had the chance? All the more reason to make sure they don't

Humanity's greatest minds

During the last century the human race has made fantastical leaps and advanced their civilization. Some of the greatest minds were born and together managed to clear the earth of wars, cure most fatal illnesses and improve the quality of life for everyone. The earth was recovering from the wasteful lifestyle that came before, and many regarded the new age as a utopia. How naive.

Guaplori's greatest minds

Of course these small descendants of apes couldn't rescue their world, of course they couldn't cheat death and who would even consider that they would be able to bring nations together in peace? Instead, it was the Guaplori, infiltrating the world of the humans like they had countless worlds before.


The Guapori is a peaceful race. They do not believe in armed conflicts to claim more territory, unless absolutely necessary. In the unfortunate event that a world has previous inhabitants when the Guapori is expanding they do not slaughter the population. Instead they cleanse the surface of its previous owners in a natural way. Specially trained Guapori study the species language, culture and technology. They then introduce themselves as saviors, that being through one of the population's belief systems or as a scientist, they help the populations living conditions. Bringing peace to the surface makes sure there's less cleanup after the process. When they're ready new medication is introduced, helping the health of the species, but also hindering their breeding capabilities. There are only two instances where the previous inhabitants have fought against this, forcing the Guaplori to bring in the few military resources they have.Once the whole species is medicated it's simply a waiting game, and the Guaplori have time, since living for hundreds of years puts them ahead of most sapient species.

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Author's Notes

Hello! And thank you for reading my article! This was made for the Tale Foundry challenge. Due to some creative fatigue, its current state is pretty rough, but I still wanted to share my ideas! I intend to clean it up in the future, but hopefully you didn't find it too messy in its current state ^^

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