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Magic Infusion


  Magic Infusion is the act of a person using magic obtained by activating their Third Eye, and combining it with current technology/common items and elevating their use and purpose. This act is called 'Infusing' or 'Imbuing'. Many common folk don't have a grasp on how it works; higher class scholars or Magi may have base knowledge, and only those hand chosen by the Royal Family may get access to more information.

What is the Third Eye?

  The term Third Eye references the God and Goddesses of Barhkh, and how they have a third eye on their forehead. Humans believe that this is a symbol of their holiness and their power, and that it is literal for the Gods- For humans with the ability, it is purely metaphorical, there is no third eye in which they can see from. There may be magical illusions or glow from advanced Magi's foreheads, but no physical eye.   All humans are said to have a well of magic within them, and only a select few are able to tap into this skill naturally. Some may train, though knowledge of how to tap into magic is heavily safe guarded by the Royal Family.


  Magic Infusion as understood by the common folk, tend to be tied to the four base elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These types of infusion are the most common, and seen all throughout cities with access to Magi.   Creating ever-lasting flames and light, windmills that can spin on their own when wind dies down, waterwheels that purify water that runs through them...Most of the technology used is often immediately interacting with nature. Most see it solely as magic, something that just 'happens'- but well versed Scholars and trained Magi of the Royal Family know that your body and soul go into the infusing.   However, there are whispers that in deep underground labs sanctioned by the royal family themselves, there are experiments being done to create living soldiers made of mud and rock.  


  Magic Infusion, or Imbuing seems to be an easy task to those who watch the act occur. However, it is far more than clapping your hands and touching an object. The Magi is a key part of the equation, and must be in good condition for the spell to work. An incantation must be said prior to the ritual, and Magi are often marked in runic symbols, or have them sewn into their clothing to help the flow of magic. If a Magi or their supplies are in poor condition, it is likely that a burst of mana will occur in the element they were trying to channel.   Depending on how skilled the Magi is, an infusion may need to be repeated every five years, or every decade. Other factors may be the quality of material; a poorly made waterwheel may need to be infused every three years, but a well made one with runic symbols built in may last fifteen years.  

Class Division

  Unfortunately, due to the rarity of skilled magic users and the fact that many who awaken their magic are often taken to better cities and within the royal walls, magic infused items in the poorer sections of the kingdom are less common.   If a small town petition and raises enough funds, it is possible to hire a Magic Touched (commonly referred to simply as Magi from more educated persons) from the royal family or from a well off city, to come by and infuse buildings or items within the town for the townsfolk to use.  

Trickle Down

  The amount of knowledge an individual has, is entirely dependent on where they are in the social ladder. The Royal Family has the most access and information regarding magic infusion, and a close second are the Magi of the Royal Family. The Magi of the Royal Family (Royal Magi), have access to what they believe is the entirety of the knowledge of infusion magic; however some may always look for more.   In the middle ground, are Scholars. These folk have spent their entire life researching magic, the Magic Touched, and the Third Eye. They are always striving towards finding more information for the masses, or the Royal Family, if they are hired by them.   Commonfolk are at the very bottom of the rung. The lower class members of society may have a passing knowledge of infusion, or magic in general. However, most have no idea how the abilities work, and don't have the means to discover how.
Access & Availability
Magic infusion is an uncommon commodity. It is typically only available to the high-class. Though not common, low-class citizens with an activated Third Eye can create their own infused items.
Infused items are typically not complex themselves, and their main complexity comes from a person having enough skill to channel their magic into the item.
The specific inventor of magic infusion has been lost to time. Many are unsure if the Royal Family have willingly erased it from history to keep specific information to themselves, or if there was just limited documentation. Many high-class scholars search for clues to the creator's life, to see if perhaps there were more secrets hidden within their notes. There has been little success. Some that dig too far seem to just...Disappear.

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18 Sep, 2018 02:04

I like this one also, although there are several things I want to know about this. First, what makes it so that water is purified through a waterwheel infused with magic? Did the infuser need to physically want it to do so, or is it simply a consequence of the elements (and etc. for all other elements)? Second, is the magic infusion forever? Or does the magic die down eventually and the flame burn out?

23 Sep, 2018 19:26

I've updated the article (And still am) but most of it is magic runes and incantations combined with intent. It isn't forever though, and I detailed that in the article now : D

18 Sep, 2018 02:53

I was curious about the royal family who influence and control mages. Who are they? You didn't have them linked, and it would be a great opportunity for some linking there. On another point, some more information on how powerful infusion can get would be interesting. The hint about clay soldiers gives some clues though! But what type of magical infusion might someone come across in wealthy cities?

23 Sep, 2018 19:27

I don't have them linked because I actually only have the articles for the contest done for this world. I'm working on it though! >3<   It's likely the basics, just done in a far fancier way, I think : o

24 Sep, 2018 02:03

:P Remember, placeholder links! Throw them all over the place, use them like candy.

24 Sep, 2018 15:35

haha yeah, I did for the Royal Family in here, and want to build up more, just been in a WB slump : P

18 Sep, 2018 10:57

I am always a fan of third-eyes :D   Having read the article though, I don't feel like I have a good grasp of what magic infusion can and cannot do, other than the couple of examples offered. I assume it is only used as artifice (imbuing objects with some sort of property), though. What are its limits? You mention windmills, for instance: what about catapults, castles and ships? A ship that wasn't reliant on wind for its sail has the potential to really change things around, for instance. :)   What are the cost? Where do mages draw their power from and is there some limit or cost to doing so?   You mention magic is rare, but that everyone has the potential: what is it that makes some capable of magic and others not? Is it innate, or is it something anyone could, in theory, learn?   These questions do lean towards a more "hard" magic system (at least a bit), but I'd love to know more about what the extent of the magic in the world is and what it can do! A magic system that has a central concept of elemental enhancements/infusions into objects has a ton of potential, I think! :D

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
23 Sep, 2018 19:29

Thank you! It's mostly imbuing I think. You put up some very good examples, I just hadn't thought about it a lot, or when I was I didn't have much of a brain blast : P I've edited and added some more information, so hopefully some of your questions are answered ;v;"   Thank you for the indepth comment, I appreciate it! It makes me think.

AshWolf Forever
Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
18 Sep, 2018 18:47

I like how you've got magical people putting magic in items, but I'm with others below: How does this work? Are their specific spells? Do the mages (excuse my terms) need to focus on what they are trying to accomplish? I totally understand if you haven't worked this out yet - most of my articles I'm fudging because I lack the details.   I like how the royal family seems to hoard this resource for themselves. Has anyone scooped up and trained from a poorer community ever tried to return to their hometown and help them?   I feel like you're hinting at golems, and that will be cool to see as well.

22 Sep, 2018 20:13

I havent worked it out too much yet, but with everyone asking questions I'm sure I'll be able to add more details ;v;   Some people may try to return, but I don't know if they've been allowed.   And | D maybe there are~

AshWolf Forever
Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
24 Sep, 2018 03:31

Awesome! Good luck. :)

Haseo Yamazaki
18 Sep, 2018 22:48

So when it comes to the actual act of "Infusing Magic" is the affect caused by solely by the user or by something in the possession of the user? Is the magic infusion divine or arcane in nature? Is the third eye truly magical or is it a mutation? How detailed can the infusion get, what are the limits and drawback of using magic infusion?

22 Sep, 2018 20:12

The affect is caused solely by the user, channeled through their body. The magic infusion is arcane in nature. The third eye is more of a metaphor in human forms, and literal in godhood. Infusion can get detailed, though right now the only knowledge is of basics and simple 'spells'. Limits are based on how much magic the person has stored in them, and the materials used in the infusion.