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AshWolf Forever

Ashleigh D.J. Cutler | Member Since 29 Apr, 2018
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23 Apr, 2019 22:37

Amazing work on Crystal Prism. It's clear that it's a project of love and I can see you've really poured yourself into it. It was such a joy to read.

@ AshWolf Forever
Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
24 Apr, 2019 07:31

Thank you very much! I'm still chipping away at the massive to do list, so there will be more to read in time. :)

23 Mar, 2019 23:04

Thank you very much for the like!

@ AshWolf Forever
Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
23 Mar, 2019 23:22

You're welcome!

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
23 Mar, 2019 04:31

Thanks for liking

Check out my work | The Web | Expedition Demeter
@ AshWolf Forever
Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
23 Mar, 2019 14:46

You're quite welcome! Thank you for the like as well. :)

24 Jan, 2019 21:09

Thank you for following Lethea and giving me great feedback :)

@ AshWolf Forever
Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
25 Jan, 2019 03:21

You're welcome. :)

31 Jan, 2019 03:26

Thanks for liking my article! Much appreciated!

@ AshWolf Forever
Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
31 Jan, 2019 17:22

You're welcome!

15 Nov, 2018 22:05

Hello! I've got a writing challenge for you, if you're up for it, you, myself, and the other top 20 from Tale Foundry's Forging World's Challenge.   What I'm proposing is a Secret Santa Short Story Swap!   We each write a setting for a story seed, and then we randomly get assigned each other's entries, and write a short story for that world. This isn't an official contest due to WorldEmber, but the World Anvil team like the idea and gave me the go ahead to try it. :)   Are you interesting in joining? I'm thinking of having Christmas as the deadline, and a wordcount of... let's say a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 7,000. I'm unsure about the story seed still... Would you be up to submitting one for the contest, and then we have a vote on which one to use?   A) Would you like to take part in this and are up to writing a story in order to receive one?   B) Do you have the time to create a story of (at most) 7,000 words by Christmas?   Please reply here or message me on discord @arkansandragon#9647

@ AshWolf Forever
Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
15 Nov, 2018 22:18

Hi,   A) I'd be willing to try, though I'd need more details on how this works. B) I could likely manage 2k at best.   Thanks for asking!

16 Nov, 2018 03:27

I'm also asking you and the others if you guys would prefer a less busy month to do this.

@ AshWolf Forever
Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
16 Nov, 2018 07:12

That'd likely be for the best due World Ember but I'm good either way.

4 Nov, 2018 19:42

Since you were curious about the Shadow Realm, the draft article is here:

Author of prize-winning RPG settings Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm. Designer of the narratively focused Celenia D10 RPG System.
@ AshWolf Forever
Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
4 Nov, 2018 19:45

Thank you. *goes to check it out*


She/Her | Sagittarius | INFJ-T   Hello everyone! Ashleigh D.J. Cutler aka AshWolf Forever here. I'm a published author, a digital artist, and a goofball. I do Art Role-Play Games, such as Dog Art Role-Play and Nasty-Beasts Art Role-Play. I'm usually friendly and happy to follow any site rules etc. though prone to misunderstanding them at times.

Interests & Hobbies

Artist, wolves, music, writing.

Favorite Movies

The Professional; Oliver & Company; Spirited Away

Favorite TV Series

Avalon: Web of Magic; Highlander; Renegade

Favorite Books

The Chronicles of Narnia; Firekeeper Saga

Favorite Writers

Terry Brooks; Jack London; Stone Scarlet Ward

Favorite Games

Pokemon; Legend of Zelda; Nasty-Beasts ARPG; DARPG

Latest Loved work

Virgines de umbra Deum

Towers and Tarantulas

Tyrants Fall

House Chastain

Port of Gems

The Canopy


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