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Empathic Therapy

The societies of the Kabeshi Sensarets have achieved a level of success beyond that of any other species, yet this was not entirely a calm, blissful existence. Due to their empathic form of communication, the Kabeshi are constantly at the mercy of the feelings of whoever they are bonded with. A festival day can cause a ripple of utter joy throughout an entire settlement as much as a single funeral can release weeks of misery even to those unknown to the deceased. Such a state of constantly shifting emotions led to some choosing isolation over living in the crowded capital of Hudalah, where a large population of Sensarets was making daily life an endless storm of emotional changes. How this would be resolved came at the random hands of a Fengdo farmer named Dez-Haken. Within days it would spread to almost every other inhabitant of Hudalah.


Even though its discovery was accidental, its use was almost at once recognised. Empathic Therapy is undoubtedly radical due to its long term effects not being fully understood yet. So far it appears to be irreversible, any attempts to re-establish an emotional connection from other Sensarets have failed. In fact, those that have passed through the therapy no longer seem able to feel anything at all, merely continuing daily life with an indifference that makes their work slow and basic.


All that Empathic Therapy requires is a Naipir. Dez-Haken keeps a group of them in a pen behind his house which he lets anyone use, with little care to their decision after his own therapy.
Access & Availability
Since Dez-Haken unveiled Empathic Therapy to the public, it became a topic of wonder overnight. After establishing a connection with a Naipir, even if it was defected, Dez-Haken was able to sense other Naipirs hidden on the outskirts of Hudalah. Gathering together a team, he collected group after group of Naipirs until more Kabeshi had experienced Empathic Therapy and could share it among the populace. To most who learned of the process, it seemed to be a miracle cure to the constant stress of everyday, especially among the working class that inhabited the most crowded areas of town.
The process of Empathic Therapy is incredibly simple. All it requires is for a Sensaret to establish an empathic bond with a Naipir, whereupon the animal will instinctively feed on all the emotions it can. It is only mildly painful, the Sensaret exhausted for a few hours after it gets used to the absence of the emotional connections it used to have.
Although Naipirs certainly would have been discovered throughout the history of the Kabeshi, it was only when Dez-Haken captured one that their existence became public knowledge for the first time in millennia. The rarity of a Naipir born with a defected ability to alter empathic communication meant that those that had been spotted were quickly forgotten due to other Naipir nearby. Dez-Haken, at work in a Fengdo field, found such a defected Naipir caught alone in a ditch and had it brought to Hudalah. He found that by bonding with the strange creature through his empathic connection, the creature was able to feed upon his emotions to the point that he was disconnected from all other Kabeshi. He had discovered the secret to true peace of mind, and named it Empathic Therapy.

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