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Crusta Comprimens

The Crusta Comprimens is a drilling needle created by the Stella Flos Cibum based on some ancient architecture plans of a corkscrew from human civilization that the Stella Flos Cibum inherited from Mole, the Stella Flos Cibum collector that rescued the Rosea Testudines. It has a worm of thirty centimeters long and one centimeter wide, a handle of six centimeters long and four centimeters wide, and a lever twenty centimeters long and three centimeters wide; it weighs one kilogram in total.


The main function of the Crusta Comprimens is to cut through the exoskeleton of the Rosea Testudines and stab their hearts with the aim to kill them. It is also used as a torture tool for the Stella Flos Cibum traitors, who disobeyed or failed to comply with the rules and regulations of the Three Constitution of Underground Merchant Facility, as it is capable of cutting any tipe of meat in a matter of seconds. Occasionally, it is also used to cut tiny logs of wood or minerals, but the Stella Flos Cibum try to avoid using the Crusta Compresses for that purpose because they seek to keep this tool in good condition for as long as possible.


To be able to manufacture a Crusta Comprimens, first, the Stella Flos Cibum must negotiate with humans to get metal. Then, they use the more skilled Rosea Testudines in architecture to make the gears of the tool with the metal they obtained. And finally, the best of the Stella Flos Cibum Scientist is responsible for assembling the gears made by experienced Rosea Testudines. In general, the Stella Flos Cibum would take one hundred and fifty years to collect all the necessary resources to be able to manufacture a single Crusta Comprimens, and then it would take ten more years to be able to manufacture them.
Access & Availability
Although only the highest-ranking Stella Flos Cibum Scientists are allowed to use this tool, any of the Stella Flos Cibum is allowed to share information about the Crusta Comprimens between them along as they do so while speaking in English, in order to prevent them from Rosea Testudines understand their conversations. In addition, the Stella Flos Cibum are strictly forbidden to teach the Rosea Testudines about this tool, because if a Rosea Testudo comes to know that the Stella Flos Cibum have under their position a tool that can destroy the exoskeleton of their species, most likely that Rosea Testudo will never trust the Stella Flos Cibum ever again. The quantity of Crusta Comprimens is very limited in the Underground Merchant Facility due to the cost of its production, for which there are only left five Crusta Comprimens in the year four thousand thirty six, for which only three Stella Flos Cibum Scientists are allowed to be permanent owners of one of these tools.

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