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Life infusion

It's a ancient knowledge from shamanic countries of Africa and some parts of America. both of them developed this Technology independently, leading to two different way to do it.   The Mechanical way: In Louisiana, some researcher found a way to infuse automaton with life in the early 90's by transferring life energy(souls) of rats or any little animal thru a processing called Bio-mechanic life transfer(B.M.L.T.) The process at the beginning was a traumatizing one for the subject, leading those subject to aggressive and destructive path. they correct this problem by the use of strong anti-psychotic and few chemical who seem to last on the subject after the infusion of live. the state of mind of the subject can change overtime but will finish by getting back to their initial state after a moment.   Test have been set on human with success letting the body in a hibernation state for a while before creating a new personality with new skills.   The African way: This way to do it have been prohibited all around the worlds for the fact that this could be used in really large scale unbeknownst to people. A first event of it appear in Franceville, Gabon; where mostly all the population where found "brainless" like empty shell. study on the aftermath show than their Life energy(souls) where trap into inanimate object, mostly cellphones and computer. For the common peoples it's called Witchcraft or Voodoo, but studies show that it's more a mix of drug use, hypnoses and an experiencing of near death that cause a full transfer to the object. Otherwise You can use this way to do it for infuse smaller object with part of you Life energy for animate them, they will retain your emotion of the moment and obey directly to the creator.


Life infused object aren't affected by some element like extreme weather, radiation, poison, gas. they still dying if destroyed and be injured if broken.
Team 17-1 under Alphonse Richelieu for the B.M.L.T.
Access & Availability
At first it was a military secrets but a plush escaped the facility and contacted the press
The B.M.L.T. require an heavy equipment to work like a molten iron core and magnetic wave transmitter to separate the life energy to the body and contain it in the air before the transfer.
A long labor in some secret facility in the U.S. for the B.M.L.T.

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