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The Wardstone

A white shining beacon, it warms us in its embrace. None need fear. Our god is unwavering in the protection of his flock.
  Formed at the end of The Cracking, it possesses the ability to hide the inhabitants of Horus from the beasts that populate Vestige. None know its true origin, but it has come to be viewed as a pseudo-deity among the greater populous of Horus.  

The Stone Cult

  Though many worship the stone, few ever take it any further. Not so with those of The Stone Cult. Hidden in the masses, the greatest benefactors of the stone seek out those who view the stone as nothing more than a tool and "correct" their opinions. Little is done to stop this practice, as the religious zealotry grows by the year, and see it as nothing more than the comeuppance of those who blaspheme.


It casts a continuous shroud over the surrounding chasms, including the one Horus occupies. If it is has a way of being powered or shut down, no one has found it in the centuries that it has protected them.
Access & Availability
Enshrined within a large temple, The Wardstone is protected by the religious masses and, secretly, by The Stone Cult. Despite this, all who profess to worship the stone are allowed entry to the cathedral on certain holidays. Closely observed by its keepers, of course.
None understand it, it simply is. This has not stopped many from trying to study it over the centuries, though little progress is made.
The religious swear that it always has been, and always will be. But the more pragmatic-minded inhabitants of Horus think otherwise, viewing at nothing more than a tool of protection, let alone a god. As for its creation, most wouldn't chance a guess.

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