Blue Flame

The flame that keeps on burning

Blue Flame is a man made created fire that is much hotter the average fire and can be used in a verity of uses for both industrial, magic and military projects.


Blue flame can be used several different ways. Blacksmiths uses blue flame remove impurities and create stronger metals. Spell Casters use blue flame for its magical properties due to ester stone having magic within it. It is also been used to fight certain supernatural creatures. It can be used to heat underground furnace to heat entire cities for days. Alchemists have also used this to make better materials and potions that can only be acquired through it. Even the church uses in in certain rituals and ceremonies.Military use for it only seem to used as a projectile weapon against the enemy. The fire goes out after a minute, causes panic amongst enemy combatants. It is known to melt the skin right off and cook them alive if wearing any armor.


Only Ester Stone can create blue flame and any other materials will not work at all.
Marcus Ester , an alchemist from the Alchimists Assosiation discover blue flame accidentally after staying in Ander's Hold for several months.
Access & Availability
Blue flame is highly sought after for the its intense heat and regulated only for a hand full of occupations in order for it not to be misused.
Blue flame can be highly dangerous to untrained individual and should only be used by a person has experience using the material. If too much Ester Stone is placed in the fire it can become out of control and spread rapidly before the stone extinguishes. Anyone using the blue flame should also wear proper heat suits in order not to suffer burns or heat exhaustion. Blue flame can last of several days if the flame itself is concentrated properly.
Blue flame was accidentally discover through alchemy in Ander's Hold 1259CA. It happened when fire came in contact with unknown substance, later known as Ester Stone found deep under the city where some of the ruins of Uranos remain.
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