Technology of Nashville and the advancement of the Summer Court

Now, I shan't waste your time with the technological marvels of the human race because, well quite frankly, you're human. Now yes, there are people who think the Higs Bozon is a person or place. But work with me here ok? End of the day, the current technological status of humans is the same as it is in the world you know. No seriously, it is. Now Fae technology on the other hand, well that's a whole new ball game. Allow me to illustrate this for you, think back to the Mideval Ages. Think knights in plate armour, swords, shields, longbows, and cross bows and you have the idea. Now take that and add the magic of the Fae to it. Having a hard time? Fine, let's do it this way. When you think of plate armour, you think of the bulky heavy things the knights of old wore unto the field of battle. How quaint. The Fae have such armour only so light, it feels as if they aren't wearing it at all and they have the resulting mobility. You see the Fae HATE iron. No, not "ew gross. I hate that. Or this fish tastes bad so I'm going to spit it out hate or I hate Bobby for stealing my girlfriend." No that form of hate it too small. I mean true hatred. The kind that even thier bodies are physically repulsed by. Think allergic reaction on steroid induced rage filled with poison. There you go. They hate iron is such a manner. Their armour is made of metal that is called Fae Metal or Mythril. Light as a feather and a thousand times stronger than steal. Now don't go thinking the Fae are so narrow minded thier armour all looks the same just different colors or emblems. Please. That is such an unimaginable point of view. No. Each Fae wears armour and wield weaponry as unique as the Fae wielding it. One can have armour made of spider silk that is magically imbued or created by another Far artistan who uses techniques lost to all man and known only to them that makes the silk stronger than than taitanium itself. Another can have a sword that seems like a simple overgrown feather and yet is as durable as Fae metal and has an edge sharper than a razor. Now this are simply their tools of war. What of others technological marvels? Communication for instance? They send couriers or use magic to communicate. Simply elegant. What of music? Ah you think mortals created the musical instruments you know? How quaint. No the Fae did and mortals simply copied it. If you can call such subpar craftsmanship a copy. The Fae have instruments that would dumbfound any mortal who laid eyes upon it as to it's true purpose. They may be so confused to think it an instrument of war and destruction when all it does is play a simple tune. You call it unnecessarily elaborated but the Fae do all things with purpose. You simply do not know the purpose. The Fae also have the ability to create items of power or purpose. Most are made as the result of a bargain though as they have need of little save the entertainment of mortals or their flesh for sustenance or to satisfy a simple curiosity. One never knows.


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